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Enesen Professional Chocolate Machinery Production Industry and Trade Limited Company, which was founded in the year of 2000, designs, produces and exports chocolate production machines, as well as establishes turnkey chocolate factories. Our Company produces technological, fully automatic, environmental friendly, ergonomically designed powdered sugar mills, butter melting and stock tanks, mixers and ball mills, hazelnut - sesame mills, chonces, tempering and packing machines. In addition to these machines, the company produces spread chocolate cream lines, chocolate shell and coating lines, double and single chocolate filling lines and filling lines with hazelnut in various capacities and realizes their turn-key installations. As a company, we increase our focus and investments on our R&D and innovation activities every day with parallel to changes and developments in globalizing world. In order to maintain sustainability in such activities, we strengthen our cooperation with universities. Being a company which closely follows technological developments, we also continue to develop environmentally sensitive and ecologically friendly machines. Adopting as a model, Small and Medium Enterprises and export mobilization programs under the Turkish Export Strategy and Action Plan for 2023, we continue to concentrate our efforts on our R&D, innovation and developing ecologically friendly machines activities. Thanks to this, we aim to contribute to 500 billion export target of our country for the year of 2023.
Gumus Food Machinery founded in 1987, our company has been family-owned company in 1998 and increasing products categories that is an important arm of industry like Sesame, Tahinna, Halva and Turkish Delight machine. Our company has been doing exportation many of the country. Export of countries; Canada, A.B.D, New Zealand, Australian, Israel, Algeria, Bulgaria, Greece, K.K.T.C, Iraq, United Arabia Emirates, Belgian, Macedonia.
Matisan was founded in 2006 with innovation and visionary spirit. We are making production according to customer requirements, we are constantly developing. Lately, matisan has been signed many projec
Efor company's contributions to Turkish food industry began in 1998 with production of machinery used in food sector. We regard progress and changes as a life style turning into benefit for our customers. Indeed, the experiences being gained throughout the years have been crucial in the improvement of our work and products.The production sector has been employing modern machines and benefitting from outstanding staff. In their turn they respond by producing high quality products which are welcomed by our customers.Efor Mak., who believed in honest work, is looking to future with hope. We believe we have gained the trust of our customers; and we regard that as an asset.